Monday, 27 July 2015

Cosmic Enjambment

I was worried that Neptune and Pluto
would collide as their orbits intersect.
However they're not inclined to do so.
Andromeda and Milky Way are set
to in four billion years time though. Who knows 
what the fuck will happen then? Guess all bets
are off. Still, the cosmic conundrum's posed:
why we've spun and spun but never met? Yet.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

We missed you

While we partied here,
spinning round like coloured tops,
baking, sunbathing,

you were way on down
the bottom of the garden,
chilling, stargazing.

So we sent Clyde out
only yesterday, it seems,
to check you're ok

(he's been your best friend,
unlike those picky bastards
who called you a dwarf).

He said you were fine
texted back some photographs
then went on his way.

It'd be better
if you were a bit nearer
but you seem alright.

So stay cool, old mate!
Though I guess you've not much choice,
so far from sunlight...

                                                  Pluto's axial tilt = 119 degrees.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Bowman's Lament

When I let fly and heard the bowstring thwack 
against the yew and saw the arrow loose - 
I knew. Just knew. The sky stepped sideways, 
shivered at the brush of fletching as the shaft  
flew past and rushed on up to the white moon.
Her lonely face punctured and deflated,
skeltered down into the confused sea 
swilling on the beaches in uncertainty.
I was cursed by owls, foxes, moths, voles.
All those nocturnal acolytes of moonlight:
astronauts, dancers, lovers. Poets too. 
Me? I'm the man who shot down the moon, 
who becalmed the turbulent oceans;
who brought the blue green earth to ruin.

Included in 'A Fright Of Jays' published by Maquette Press 6/2015

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ploughed Field

The new ploughed field lay
blurted open: an earth cough
under Autumn sky.

My father would have farmed, he said,
if not for sprains from such a field.
He became a salesman instead:
tractors, paper, diaries: targets, deals...

Sure ankle twister
for anyone brave enough 
to stumble the lie.

Yet all his life he'd limp to field gates
and let his dog chase down the hare's course.
He'd watch the sun slide slowly earthwards
while turning over fields of thought.

I saw a boy fall
and on the blunt, wind scoured
clods, keen and cry.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Fright Of Jays


I'm delighted to have my chapbook A Fright Of Jays just published by Maquette Press.
It's a small collection of my darker bucolic, lyric poetry.

Some new, some older ones reworked. The poems included aren't on the blog here (although several have been previously, albeit in earlier rougher versions) - so if you want to see them you'll need to drop in on Maquette's website and order a copy!

Which at £4 incl p&p won't break your bank and will support an excellent small press producing collections of high quality writing (*ahem, clears throat*).

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Was it just last evening - while the world baked
in a bright oven of Summer moonlight
and sentient creeping creatures ignored
the helicoidal flow of day and night
- that in the hot cupboard under the stairs,
with the broom, bucket, bleachy mop and pans,
I smelled the freshness of your curly hair
and gently held your curious hand?

Scientists say that time is not a thread
but all of a piece: Then, the Future, Now
exist together. Past moments aren't dead -
we can fold back to them - if we know how.
So I return through all my little deaths
to teenage parties, distant pulsing tunes;
you in cheese cloth and 'Charlie' scented neck.
To trembling Sardines, silvered by the moon.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Poem

I completely cracked it yesterday.
Everyone I showed it to agreed.
My friend the Doctor of Creative Writing
covered his mouth and ran from the room.
It even made my sceptical wife swoon.

It wasn't just the best poem I'd written.
It was the best poem ever written.
An Aurora Borealis in your heart.
A Niagara word-fall gushing in your head;
the wild moon: there! - at the bottom of your bed.

I folded it up, put it in a tin,
buried it deep behind the compost patch
near where we interred the family cat.
No poet wants to see poetry like that.

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Guinevere walked through the morning gardens
where primroses partied in slanting light.
A liquidity of songbirds pardoned
the slinkingly slow departure of night

This walking around in meadows at dawn,
this dripping about in ethereal dreams,
was wearing thin on her, losing its  charm
she'd give it all up for Starbucks and jeans.

She'd buried Arthur at Avalon Tor,
that squalid town with its hill of hippies:
already they'd opened souvenir stores,
tarot talkers, spell sellers and chippies.

In a parallel world through a wormhole in time
she'd drink gin and tonic. With Lancelot and lime.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Le morte d'Arthur

Arthur returned to his kingdom in leaf.
Vibrant grass at his feet, overhead
a bursting beech. He took off his armour,
drank from a stream then lay in the April sun
feeling its warmth on his grey stubbled face.
Saracens, Moors, Dervishes. The dust
of foreign lands. He was done with it all.
The wound in his shoulder was still bleeding
and no flowery poultice had staunched it yet.       

The shallow brook clattered through green cresses
and the impatient grass grew taller.
He slept untroubled while blood pooled round him,
until he resembled Ophelia floating
in her willowy glade, the blades of grass,
red as her hair, waving in the Spring breeze.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Celia revisited

She walked the weed and twig strewn watermark
meandering in outsize clumpy boots,
her eyes cast down, as daylight slid to dark.

At dawn, when the singing of a shorelark
echoed round the empty house of owl hoots,
along the weed and twig strewn watermark

she was there - still scanning bladder wrack, bark
and flotsam: all the sea's discarded fruits,
her eyes cast down as day emerged from dark.

One day I met her carer in the park
and asked about her charge's strange pursuit
along the weed and twig strewn watermark.

She sighed and offered only this remark:
"We all seek - she treads an eccentric route..."
then looked downcast, as daylight slid to dark.

Now under a winter sky, iron and stark,
I search through answers that I can't compute
along the weed and twig strewn watermark
my eyes cast down as grey days slide to dark.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Lancelot in the park

I know you used to come here
because you told me. Perhaps
an unguarded confession?
Anyway, that was back then

and now, this bench, this park
- with its quivering poplars
silly ducks and bread-waving
kids. It's just mine alone so

I sit here in chain-mail with my
thoughts, poems, vanity and I
wonder if I couldn't achieve
more in a different life. This

shield I wear, this suit of
words, this sword of art,
once they swept young damsels
off their small glass slippers,

won princess's hearts. I
would regale travellers in
dog-floored, noisy mead halls,
lie about fire breathing

dragons. Then another's Queen
punctured my bravado
split my shield and left
me enjambed and alone

in this theme park of my making.

Tea with Mingus

You made the tea
offered ginger cake
from the Village.
I opened my case
dusted off strings
found my picks
took the tea things
into the dry yard
played standards
in the hi-rise sun
shine over your flat.
When I got home
I found I'd left my
small brimmed hat.